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Uncle Steve is a Canajun Blues combo out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, featuring the work of singer/songwriter, Derek Stephen McPhail.
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This is a Canajun Blues country rock groove.
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This is an acoustic rendition of a Canajun Blues country rock ditty; usually, performed by the "Uncles" bar band.
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This is an original sea chantey with guitar, violin and whale song.
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what I call a good ole 'Canajun blues'
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Coconuts is really meant to be a tango; but, I'm not sure if it really worked out that way.
Tumbleweed Friend is a simple bass riff that took on a life of its own.
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wacky song lyric written by email with my buddy, Mark Easton; set to my melody. recorded on Salt Spring Island, BC.
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It is mainly about being here & now, rather than somewhere else; and, observing that now you are here.
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I call it 'Canajun Blues'; but, it might be called 'Alt Country', 'Country Blues' or 'God Knows What'.
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uncle steve plays acoustic rhythm guitar & sings the lead vocal. uncle andy plays a great violin solo, over a tasty keyboard track. uncle dave holds it all together on bass; and, the lovely kaia supplies the 2nd voice.
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"To Whom", short for "To Whom It May Concern", is an electric blues arrangement of a country/folk tune.
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