Metal London, Canada
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pirate metal troy
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TSE808 - TSE X50 - LeCab2 w/ Catharsis IRs TSE808 - Poulin LeCto - Lecab2 w/ Catharsis IRs TSE B.O.D. Bass PLugin Superior Drummer The Metal Foundry
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Another 8-bit rendition of awesome.
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New song I wrote on guitar pro, then made it 8-bit for teh lulz. Awesome.
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New song. Written in less than 2 hours, recorded in about 4 or 5, then another 3 hours to get f***cking cubase to give me a mixdown without glitches...jerk
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Old song from 2005 that i re-recorded for "teh lulz"
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New ideas for my band. Sloppy as f*** guitar playing, midi bass, programmed drums. The solo guitars are WAY too loud.
Round 2. tried to fix the drums, added a couple of the extra guitar parts to fill out the song.
Clip from "Icarus Lives". I got my hands on a LOT of guitar VST's as well as superior drummer 2.0 and decided to get my groove on.
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A slightly heavier take on the old Lion version of the Transformers Theme tune.
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Fast Lane (W/Hook Breana Marin)
Instrumentals - Hip Hop
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Glory Muzic
Instrumentals - R&B
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