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Off my boy Dyce's mixtape. Was a long time coming but we finally got on a track. On that southern style.
(Prod. by Shadowville Productions) another M.A.S. rep song. Unfinished.
Rough draft of a remake of the original. Club jam with a catchy hook that's sure to get the club moving. Unfinished.
Another remix. Went along with the same concept as the original.
Kind of RAW since it was my first track in almost half a year. But it's good for what it is.
Basically playing off Eminem's cover of the song. Mainly repping the group, while taking a few shots at others. MAS ON 'EM!!
Ever have that one chick you just messed around with? Wasn't anything serious to you, maybe a mistake. However, it was completely the opposite for her, and she becomes obsessed. Maybe even a little crazy. If so, this is your song.
First time I heard this song I KNEW I had to remix it. Put a little different spin on it from the original concept. Enjoy!
In life, we are all faced with obstacles that get in our way of success. Sometimes we just need a breather. A few minutes to step back and escape. Music can be that escape.
So once upon a time there was this chipmunk sounding rapper named J Summers. Claimed he was the King of the North, even though Michigan is considered the midwest. Somebody had to put him in his place and relinquish him of his 'crown'. King Me bi***!
(Prod. by Shea of G.U.M. ENT) Letting y'all know that when we arrive y'all better keep your distance, keep your glances to yourself, and keep your mouth shut. If you don't... well, the song speaks for it's self.
Throw together a dose of going against the grain and add in some lyrical punchlines and what do you get? This song pretty much.
My boy Tizz produced this banger. Took a sample of my voice and chopped it and screwed it for the hook. Another song repping M.A.S. pretty much.
Had to get on this beat. As you could have guessed from the title, this is another M.A.S. track. Just self glory and straight spitting, no chorus.
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