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Peak position #27
just heard the beckish bass line and drums and thought it would make a cool idea... this is a bit long.. just exploring a bit.. i think there are 5 tracks.. before any ele guitar.. might make a cool backing track.. i think its in C...
Peak position #23
bit of a tribute to manish boy... guitar used.. les paul copy.. closed back cabs... just goofing around with the groove a bit..
Peak in sub-genre #11
my first try at techno kinda stuff.. and i dont really like techno but it may provide some new ideas i can use later.. meh it was fun.. electronic beats are kinda fun to play with..
Peak position #40 1
just some traditional slow blues BT kinda stuff with a nice blown out fender tweed kinda tone... played with out pick.. allows much more color.. guitar used stock agile LP copy.. pretty decent tone.. i think more.. but painted my into a corner.
Peak in sub-genre #5
Peak in sub-genre #6 1
working on this a bit still need to add second guitar .. but i did add a pan delay to it.. kida fills the gaffs a fill up some space and threw a limiter on the drums to fatten.. love those minor 7ths..
Peak in sub-genre #20
my silly cover of Marooned.. still cant seem to pull the guitar in the foreground enough.. meh... but i like the tone.. guitar used SX 62 buck strat with tex mex pups... its a fun guitar..
Peak in sub-genre #7
just nice big strat tones.. will credit the drum jam track a bit later... just a bunch of jaming fun.. not much polish or thought.. but it may work for something..
Peak position #73
just goofing around with some other music ideas..
Peak in sub-genre #15 1
Tales of Africa - this one of those sound scape non linear kinda things that i just enjoy doing... some may like most may not... guitar used Electra amp Guitar Rig 5 with a swell pedal and delay.. composer me. huge nod to 80s kind crimson..
Peak position #22 1 1
working on a backing track... still need to add guitar
Peak in sub-genre #6
in celebration on new strings on my blue Strat.. i wanted to see if i could get back to those good feeling i had for this guitar.. have not played it in near even a year.. so,, here is a little andy sumeery kinda deal.. just one guitar..
Peak position #91 1
this guitar only had 5 strings... but wanted to play it... so what the heck... SX 3 tone with new pups... guitar rig 5...
Peak position #59 1 1
i will fill this bit in later.. credit given for the cool Backing Track..
Peak position #86 2
here is my go at the Jam track posted on the lespaul forum site.. credit Flatjamboo for the track..
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