Thom Gelineau
Country Tucson, AZ  USA
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thom gelineau
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I grew up on oldies pop/rock and classic country. All the old guys, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Elvis, Buddy Holly, Carl Perkins, Everly Bros.. Beatles, Buck O
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#13 (Sub-genre) 3
Longing for yesterday keeps us from living in today. Acoustic/folk/rock/country flavored
#36 (Main) 3
The Speedway Brothers live 2014
#4 (Sub-genre) 3
Written after a long time apart due to job training and career chasing. A bluegrass flavored tune.
#63 (Main) 1
Written and submitted for the Steve Martin film "Shop Girl"
#45 (Main) 3
A mix of 60s pop/rock and country. Think : The Wonders - "That Thing You Do"
#11 (Sub-genre) 1
observing people, offering no answers. Original version in Folk Rock catergory.
#15 (Sub-genre) 1
Observing people, offering no answers. Version B is on Americana charts
#5 (Sub-genre) 3 1
My home town, North Adams, MA. A bluegrass flavored tune.
#9 (Sub-genre) 3 1
A waltzy, whiney, bluegrassy, what went wrong song.
#8 (Sub-genre) 1
More than money lost that night. Alternate version is on country general charts.
#23 (Sub-genre) 2
Originally written for my daughter Harmony's wedding in 1994. This version written 2001.
#16 (Sub-genre) 3
Inspired by my dad and grandfather. Actually more on the Bluegrass side. Photo, 1952
#53 (Main) 1
An Appology song
#95 (Main) 2
After my parents passed away in '05,'06, I wrote this based on a dream about them.
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