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Dan Harris: A Cappella Comedy, Squirrels, Hobbits, beatbox, freewebcamgirls (okay, not the last one)
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Peak in sub-genre #93
Solo a cappella live performance without an audience.
Peak in sub-genre #49
It's about angry monkeys
Peak in sub-genre #41
Back to your door is a song for those who have friends they wish they could be closer to. Guitar and human beatbox together again
Peak position #14
They want my blood
Peak in sub-genre #47
If I was Beethoven, this is totally how I would have written this song
Peak in sub-genre #57
A weird, bouncy, scattery, happy little song sung by a jubilant little boy (an old recording of me at age 8, which I set to piano music 10 years later).
Peak in sub-genre #18
I'm really sorry. I promise I recorded this before J.D. Salinger passed away.
Peak in sub-genre #20 1
My Lion King Christmas song! (no really)
Peak position #75
Live Musical Radio Play: Dan gets off at the wrong station and meets a stranger underground resident.
Peak in sub-genre #44
Old fashioned rock and roll, but with more singing out the side of your mouth
A new type of beatbox, deep and crunchy. Check it out!
Peak in sub-genre #39
It 'helps' if you let your imagination fill in the visuals
This was a #2 hit on mp3.com.au! I'm not joking!
Peak in sub-genre #32
Lo-fi rock without instruments. God, I love a cappella.
Peak in sub-genre #71
Sam reveals his feelings to Frodo. In song.
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