Particle Junkie
Electronic Oakland, CA  USA
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Electronic solo project, running the gamut from evolving rhythmic soundscapes to vocally infused pop songs.
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This is the intro to Hot'n'Nerdy folks.
Just some good old fashioned futuristic space age electronic music with some big old fashioned futuristic beats.
Can you point out the Nickleback moment I have in the vox in the 2nd refrain? Oh yeah, I went there. And OOOH it's plain to seeee.... haaaaaaaaaaa
This song is obviously about the cutest robot. You know who you are. It contains no dirty words, but if you can understand the lyrics, I do not recommend explaining some of them to children. :D
Don't forget the space suits for your dogs and cats.
Two songs for the price of one!
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Prescription glassesssssss!
An instrumental with big dance potential but according to the live audience I put some breaks in the wrong place and screwed up the flow. Still, good driving music, working music, and I'm told actually my whole album is good to clean your condo to.
This song is like the audio version of one of those Japanese cartoons that induce epilepsy seizures. I can't blame you if you don't like it, but strangely some people do.
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I would classify this really as electronic experimental, but the closest genre soundclick has is experimental sounds, and that just doesn't sound right as there is some melody too. So all encompassing Electronica genre it is.
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You don't need to know nuthin! ;D pbpbpbpPBBPBPBPBPTTTT!!!!!! HAAA!
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Reason5 plus Record1.5 plus Particle Junkie = Smoov Jams... who knew??
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