World anguillara, Italy
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Afrocuban instruments such congas,bata',bell,cahon,Iya(bata'),shekere', hi hat
Peak position #30 4
African percussions such djembe,diun diun, marimba,rain stick,wind chimes,goat nails
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Brasilian instruments such Ago -go,pandeiro,atabaque,triangle,surdo,cabasa bongos
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it's a song with sounds from computer such keyboards,bass and sax plus latin instruments played by myself
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Arabic instruments such darbuka, zills,cahon(not really arabic)
Peak in sub-genre #42 2
Sounds from Africa
Peak in sub-genre #7 2
Computer sounds plus percussions played by myself
#6 (Sub-genre) 2
instruments such congas,bell,diun diun,guiro,shekere,hi hat
Peak in sub-genre #54 1
Remembering the flowers smell ,the fishes,the people ,the ukuleles,the percussions,the dance of people from Polinesia
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It's a mixed between Tarantella from south of Italy and afro rhythms of bata'
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