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Final Instrument mix for upcoming IDOLER release. Vocals coming soon!
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drunk w/buds...made me post!!! hahaha
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UPDATED MIX 9/13/11 This is just a new rough idea i have for the upcoming IDOLER release...i'm thinkin an e.p. as opposed to an album. Anyway...updated version=new tone and kick!!! BOOM!!!
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UPDATED 6/1/12 Finished mix of just the instrumentals without vocals for the upcoming IDOLER ALBUM!!! Enjoy
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UPDATED 3/14/11 This and Ruffled up top are sporting the overall finished mix for the IDOLER album that will hopefully be released in the next 3 or 4 months! (yes, w/vocals)! Enjoy!
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UPDATED 5-25-12 Finished mix of just the instrumentals without vocals for the upcoming IDOLER ALBUM (no longer an E.P.)!!! Enjoy!
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New Idoler tune! a more aggressive and techy djent piece. This is still a work in progress...awaits some leads and vocals! In the meantime...Enjoy! UPDATED 11/18/10 for the Idoler album!! :D
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New rough idea i had for a possible Idoler track, but more so a mix test for fun. Enjoy! :) UPDATE...Extended Version now posted of this song. Vocals coming soon...should be a peek into the sound for the IDOLER Album.
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Recorded this a few years ago as a test to see where i was vocal wise after a two year break, so the vox were rough to say the least. Anyway, remixed this for fun, left the little guys go on this one...thot it was cool :) ENJOY
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UPDATED 1/9/10 Finished mix of just the instrumentals without vocals for the upcoming IDOLER E.P.!!! Enjoy
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So i dusted off my Disasterpieces dvd the other day and thought...why not!? Enjoy Maggots!!! Hahaha :P
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UPDATED Jan 16, 2010 (and remixed), this is the last song wrote for House of Atreus. finally cleaned it up and finished it to experiment with a good vocal mix for the IDOLER e.p. anyway, ENJOY!!!
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so a good buddy of mine, Mattayus, linked me to this awesome amp sim vst, and got me hooked on this thing! the best things in life ARE free!!!
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2/7/10 REmixed and Mastered! came back to this for a much needed makeover! i dig the song a lot...and now i dig "listening" to it! hahaha it's an old song i wrote from a 'btbam' inspired side project i did a few years ago
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