Rock Hannover, Germany
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Powerful christian Rockband from Hannover, Germany
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Story of a blind man, who desperately needs guidance in his life.
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Like a frisbee flying you startet life after school. But you got to becareful where to land
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I want to live, not simply exist. I don't want to follow the masses but seek the well of life.
Peak in sub-genre #26 1
Fool. A man who does only care for earthly riches and does not know that he will die tomorrow is a fool, says the bible
Peak in sub-genre #11 2
I'm so glad not to be alone any longer, because the love of Jesus found me at last.
Peak in sub-genre #16 1
I got to cross the river to the other side, where the hurting and dying people are and not live only for myself.
Peak in sub-genre #11 1
Dying City. So many questions in your eyes.
Peak in sub-genre #21 2
Jesus my sun is shining also in the dark moments of life. Right in my heart.
#71 (Sub-genre)
Only Jesus can make you and the world whole again. Follw him in his dance of life.
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