Bangai-o Custom
Electronic St. Johns, MI  USA
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My take on Megaman. Eight stages Eight bosses
Level map of 'Valley of the Bowers 1' from Super Mario World.
A town in the middle of nowhere have a big bot and do anything to keep it in their hands.
The bad guys have created a Longai-o on the moon. Go in and destroy it before they create more.
The second dungeon in Legend of Zelda.
Nothing but bouncy ball cannon everywhere.
It's the first dungeon in Zelda: Links Awakening.
I tried to make a tree stage
Don't touch the walls
The cores are tired of being the target in almost every stage. They have built a stronghold and are holding people hostage. Defeat the Core Over minds and destroy dome so that reinforcements can get the hostages.
Try to get through this obstacle course. You have to keep going though
Orbiting around the earth a large galactic being had left his old Nintendo systems for the newer generation consoles. As they float in space, a new residence has made the systems their home and ready to invade the earth.
Very Easy level because it is my first attempt at making my own stage.
Start shooting.
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Instrumentals - Trap
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Instrumentals - Trap
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