Acoustic Canyon Lake, TX  USA
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Composed 5/26/2014 and played on a good buddy's Guild DV72 tuned to G#
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SouthWesterly collaboration withFlorida singer/songwriter Dave Jacobs.
Peak in sub-genre #14
'SouthWesterly' collaboration with Florida singer/songwriter Dave Jacobs. Dave plays/sings Ken's original tune and added the 'bridge'.
Peak in sub-genre #99
Collaboration with Florida singer/songwriter Dave Jacobs. Dave plays/sings Ken's original tune.
Peak in sub-genre #27 1
For veterans returning home with the unseen battle scar...
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Ken Smith & Dave Jacobs are 'SouthWesterly'. The singing/songwriting duo collaborate singing/songwriting, acoustic guitar, and music production talents between the states of Texas and Florida.
Peak position #38
Composed 03/07/2014 for my dad. Wish I had written it long ago... Played on a Guild JF30-12 tuned to 'F'.
Peak in sub-genre #17 2
Wrote this in November 1971 in Danang, SVN. A friend received a 'dear john' letter from his wife that morning; then unsuccessfully tried to take his own life that night. Guild D-40 named 'Woodstock' & G harp accompanied
Peak position #26
Written 07 January 2012. Played on a '10 Santa Cruz OM/PW accompanied with a 'D' harp
Peak position #14
Vacation comes to close on a beach in western Mexico; Written 04 April 2012 and played on a Santa Cruz OM/PW tuned to 'F#'
Peak position #30
Written 02/12/2012. Played on a Santa Cruz OM/PW tuned in 'G'.
Peak position #50 1
For Our Granddaughter's 9th Birthday. She's facinated by God's creation... Played on a 2010 Santa Cruz OM/PW tuned to G#
Peak position #53
Written/composed 4/06/2014. Played on a 1999 Guild M20 tuned to A#...
Peak in sub-genre #21
Composed & recorded 2 May 2013. Written with my brother in mind and the days of our youth in Muskingum County Ohio. Played on a 2010 Santa Cruz OM/PW
Peak position #50 1
Written 03/20/2012 for Pam...
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