Electronic Colonial Heights, VA  USA
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The enemy has discovered a new cloak technology that makes their bases undetectable. Use your skills and instincts to infiltrate!
A distant colony planet's sun is about to supernova! Enemy mechs are preventing an emergency evacuation. Fight them among the rooftops Bangai-o! Medium difficulty
The enemy has captured an important Lunar base. Bangai-O has been dispatched on a routine Moon Patrol and has to liberate it! Medium/Hard difficulty
Easy but fun vertical stage
An alien ship appears and lays a huge minefield around the Earth. Break through and destroy the power cores!
Easy but fun horizontal stage
Medium difficulty stage, Bangai-O must clear a space station full of enemies.
Longai-o has holed up in the maze-like ruins of this once thriving city. Seek out and destroy! A long stage meant for more advanced players.
Bangai-O is out for a little Revenge! Not much room to move around here, a tricky one.
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Instrumentals - Smooth
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