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Southern Christian Rock
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H2bac.info show PART 2 Special Topic Are Word of Faith believers Witches unaware The Prosperity Gospel Economic crisis. In this episode we look at the prosperity gospel.
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JUST A PREVIEW: This will be the beggining of our first live show for this new show. The Word on the Word of Faith RADIO Cessationism is a HISTORICAL FACT
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DAMON WHITSELL AND Special Guest Ex-Word of faith preacher JOHN EDWARDS from faithpreacher.blogspot.com WILL ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS!!! 1. Have American Christians accepted a false gospel (that is really occultic witchcraft) because they have itching
I APOLOGIZE for missing the Jan 13 Episode that was scheduled for me and Pastor John Edwards. I was in the hospital and had no way of canceling or rescheduling the show. The show will be aired the 27th or the 3rd. ***I AM HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE*** that Pa
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I interviewed Guy Malone back in 2005. I will get to interview Guy again soon. He will be on the live call-in show on BlogTalkRadio.com/how2becomeachristian in late January. Guy has way to many sites to list, so I suggest you can “google” his name to
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This is merely a peep of what is to come
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You Blind Eyes are Killing me ( A conspiracy song)
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Saving Grace - J.Cole type beat
Instrumentals - Hip Hop
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