Omega Dog
Rock Donalds, SC  USA
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Peak in sub-genre #2
This is an on-line file swap recording with me(SC) playing the intro and rhythm line and Tom HB(Cali) playing the lead over the original Gypsyhook(NC) instrumental.
Peak in sub-genre #6
Peak in sub-genre #6 1
Little ditty made with my recently built 3 string guitar and a $5.00 harmonica.
Peak in sub-genre #6
Peak in sub-genre #6
Just me playing guitar and drums on this spunky little rock riff.
Justa funky bass and drum riff that I will be adding stuff to later.
Peak in sub-genre #9 1
My good friend Gypsyhook took this piece and added Celtic flair to it. I really like what he did with it.
Peak in sub-genre #5 1
This track is with the 3 string guitar I built using both the piezos and the single coil pickups.
Peak in sub-genre #8 1
This is a 1st recording with the 3 string guitar I recently finished building. This track uses only the 2 piezo pickups.
Peak in sub-genre #6 1 1
This is a version of GypsyHook's rock riff where I added some sound effects and a raunchy lead line.
Spring Break Boogie track that my good friend Gypsy Hook submitted on a forum where I added some rhthym guitar to using my 18W amp and Jr. DC guitar.
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