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hehe, this was a happy mistake! i didn't mean to upload this one, lol oh well, the newer one will be with you soon x x with harmonies x x p.s sorry for the flat bit, this was an old recording, and not the final take x x lol so keep your ears peeled!
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This was the final take of the soundscape produced for the Jekyll and Hyde production 2010!
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This song is still in working progress, guitar based song! :)
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This song i have just written tonight, took about half an hour not quite finished yet! demo version
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Each scale or octave is like a different paragraph. It gets deeper and deeper yet somehow there is hope and light and the 'little girl' can see beyond the pain and tears. She has to climb back to the top after falling all the way down.
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me and my piano
this song is a demo too sorry about the mic farts!
this song was done with jason, a bit of a cheesy beat and the guitars out of tune sorry... demo version..
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This song is me and a bowl of water!
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The first song i ever wrote, well a proper one...
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