Atom Schmitt
Pop Minneapolis, MN  USA
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Disco shred metal polka meets hobo dinosaur stomp and takes a gig in Lithuania.
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This is probably the final version of this.
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Rhythm played on the JM Strat into a Vibrolux and the Traynor (stereo delay for splitting), leads/texture parts played with a Casino through the 'lux.
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John Mayer Strat in all its unrivaled glory. Straight into the Deluxe.
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Moses Murray and Atom Schmitt live at the Old Arizona
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This is a rough mix/scratch track for a new song that we're recording. It is nowhere NEAR finished. Actually it's probably all going to be re-recorded, but this is our starting point. Used a 69 RI Thinline Tele into the 59 Bassman LTD.
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Whoa, look who's playing a trumpet!
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H535->Deluxe Reverb
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This time it's just me, my Strat, and my Princeton Reverb. No effects, just the guitar and the amp. Fantastic trem, huH?
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This was a MIJ Tele with Tonerider Hot Alnico IIIs. Played through a Marshall Echo Head delay and a Carl Martin Surf Trem, into the Traynor Bass Mate.
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