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Duet done with Johnny Doxx...virtual friend from the guitar forum we frequent! Thanks Johnny, it was a blast!
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My daughter (15) came up with the chord progression for this song and asked me to write lyrics and record it. I hope she will play bass in the final version. She plays both bass and guitar.
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A song written for my Mom.
Lyrics by D-Dawn from guitar forum. All the rest is done by myself.
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The lyrics were written by Carol m, a friend from a guitar forum, and I wrote the music, sang, played, mixed, etc.
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A song for my teenage daughters.
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Lyrics by: Ken Cook Music by: Annette Meadows
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Lyrics by : Eddie Lipscomb Music by: Annette Meadows Mixing/Mastering: Albert Sekely
This a song my brother and Iwrote for our parents 30th Wedding Anniversary. We were young teenagers then; today we would have left out the funny (bad) verses.
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Lyrics and Music by: Annette Meadows Mastering by: Albert Sekely
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