Acoustic Alexandria, USA
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Live from Pennington, with David on guitar, Greg on blocks and Jeff on Tambourine I think. I wasn't looking. Talking by everybody.
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It's a love song by a romantic guy in a world where being a romantic guy is frowned on kind of love song. :)
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Moody techno piece
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A slightly Bossa feeling love song
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A little jazzy number.
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a cross between Roy Orbison and Bryan Ferry
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For Sunday Songwriter's Group at Guitarnoise
A song about the chances we take.
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A true story about a cowboy hitting on a Continental airlines passenger
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An experiment for a guitarist. I may add vocals at some point
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This song is VERY VERY VERY RUDE. Do not listen if you are easily offended. Don't listen if it takes quite a bit to offend you. Hey, just don't listen to it. See the story behind the song for more.
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