Bob Bruno
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I am playing the stringed bass,piano, guitar, singing , and using past clips from previous recordings I have made over the last forty years including my groups
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This is a simulation of a performance at Carnegie Hall in the end of 1967 , a concert called "An Electric Christmas". The performance included the "Circus Maximus" , the "New York Pro Musica" and "Morton Subotnik" . I wrote the music.
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Second half of todays little project ( March 29 , 2008) for the net. Noah Howard is on the left and Frank Lowe is on the right blowing up a storm . I am stirring things underneath and damaging the piano while Rashid Ali burns things around him .
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Instrumental of my song released as vocal in 1967 with a quintette.
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Electronic music filtered into live free jazz recording .
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I am playing the stringed bass and piano here in this old tune I wrote from college days .
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Written to the poem by Carl Sandburg titled "The Skyscrapers Stand Proud"
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An Experiment in changing times , something you can count on in life .
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A brighter version of my old tune which has been uploaded several times to Soundclick .
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1972 Group
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