Peter MacIntyre
Rock Chandler, USA
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I am a Folk Rock musician. My music is inspired by John Lennon and The Beatles.
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Peter MacIntyre Vocals, Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
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The blues take me to bed and awake me every day.
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A kid dreaming of being grown up.
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This song talks about the crazy times we live in, recession, depression, job loss etc.
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This was recorded with my Taylor 310 on Garage Band.
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A young lady I worked with was fired from her job because of the color of her skin. When I found out I was devastated. I had only heard about stuff like this on the new or in the movies.
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Just a bluesy song about a girl who always lets a guy down.
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A girl living in a small town feels trapped by her surroundings.
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This song was inspired by my hippie brother John and his wife Mandy .
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Peter Macintyre Vocals Harmonies and Acoustic Guitar Robert Carothers Lead Guitar Bass and Flute
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