Stripey Howling Hancock
Acoustic Exeter, United Kingdom
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Peak in sub-genre #53
Peak in sub-genre #34
Instru-mental guitar solo, created to keep my fingers from siezing up and my brain vitrifying.
Peak in sub-genre #92
Acoustic instrumental.
Peak in sub-genre #40
Anonymous composers but my interpretation of the songs
Peak in sub-genre #79
A song wot I wrote (A tune wot I drew the pictures to)
Peak in sub-genre #62
An Old English folk song
Peak in sub-genre #23
I made this, enjoy
An Traditional Irish folk song
My song about a wonderful man who cures guitar ailments, a lovely man you'd like to take home to meet your parents.
Another lickle toon wot I wrote
Peak in sub-genre #62
Song wot I wrote while busking outside Boston Tea Party in Exeter
All about being moved on in Sidmouth, they shoot busker's in Sidmouth
Old Blues number souped up by me. You'll love it..
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