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Peak in sub-genre #59 1 1
A Rush-esque doodling, based on a riff sent to me by an online friend.
Peak position #76 1 1
Noodling over a guitar riff a friend sent me...
1 1
An exercise in self-indulgence.
Peak in sub-genre #33 1
Recorded without vocals; the lyrics were unsatisfactory. A lovely piece; I'd love to put some good lyrics/vox to it.
Peak in sub-genre #94 1
Up-tempo, intense and angry. Lots of electronics, very little guitar, and no vocals. Wrote and recorded it in less than two hours after a bad day at work.
Sound clips that describe aspects of an interesting person I met, an environmental activist. Some abrupt changes and not a perfect recording...but a very poignant memory of meeting this guy.
Peak in sub-genre #40 2
Started out as a morose love song, ended up as a happy jam
Peak in sub-genre #41 2
Remake of my first song. Better sound and mix; still no lyrics.
Peak position #19
The first song I ever wrote - with vocals added by a friend, 12 years after the fact!!!
Instrumental jam. Done solo, in one take.
Peak in sub-genre #48 2
Part 1 of 3, soundtrack music I made for a movie scene. Single young beauty braves the cold urban jungle, searching for love among the unlovable. It's scary for her.
Peak in sub-genre #53 2
Part 2 of 3, soundtrack music I made for a movie scene. Our girl is dealing with the cold hard aftershocks of a mistake, the emotional equivalent of a 'walk of shame'...
Peak in sub-genre #39 3
Part 3 of 3, soundtrack music I made for a movie scene. Our heroine gets on with life and finds love and happiness...
Peak in sub-genre #31 2
Parts 1-3 of soundtrack music I did for a movie scene - Tasha's search for love, from braving the urban single world to blissful happiness.
Peak in sub-genre #37 1
Instrumental, lots of different stuff going on...
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