Inquisitor Betrayer
Electronic Palmdale, CA  USA
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Peak in sub-genre #31
bubbles, working title only, latest track for the forth coming soon to be release CD new title Gamma Parallax Light
Peak in sub-genre #67
Round about loose translation.
Peak in sub-genre #13
Completely redone version of the famous In-a-gadda-da-vida by Iron Butterfly.
Peak in sub-genre #41
Feeding Time is a little over 11 minutes. Parts of it are taken, fitted into samples for a project album. The is the main song and track. Note Soundclick truncated the end. I could split into 2 but this is just a sample.
Peak in sub-genre #51
Peak in sub-genre #11
Final version for GF tribute disc
Peak in sub-genre #91
This is the mix version used on Dream Watcher Tails IV. You can find other versions worked out for it for various reasons here as well. Sequent took my full version and added a few more parts to it. The full version will follow in a few days.
Peak in sub-genre #98
Tangram Full Synth Effect
Peak in sub-genre #73
Tangram from Tangerine Dream redone in a pure MS2000 Korg form.
Brain Trust, used for a Sound track and TV spot on local cable. Halloween Feel or just my interpretation of someone not fix in this dimension, more like in one of the Hell Dimensions.
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