September 29th
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September 29th is a folk-rock/blues/electronic band formed, or rather born on September 29th 1983.
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Can you hear the sound of Liberty?
Dark, disturbing, poisoned, this song has no chorus.
A dog barking... then enters a guitar, the bass and here comes Joan of Arc.
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Song for the Headless Queen...
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You won't forget that easily the lead guitar accompanying the sad fate of Lady Jane Grey... poor Lady Jane Grey, she had her head cut off!
Seagulls, a cello... bass, dance kits and here come the vocals.
A rooster, some swords, explosions... a bass and the song begins...!
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Electroacoustic, a crescendo song with a heavy bass line & some woodwinds.
A marching song to celebrate the splendour of the Restoration theatre...
Some sort of a baroque instrumental piece...
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Carriages, birds singing... synthesizers, bass, guitar and vocals...
The crowds clap their hands to salute the new Emperor of the French...! Hail to Napoleon!
Dark, heavy atmosphere and then... the light footsteps of the wives reaching their husbands in exile.
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'If we must die, we die defending our rights.' Tatanka Yotanka said.
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The Aurora, the guitars... the shots...
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