The Celturian
World Birmingham, United Kingdom
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The Celturian...Acoustic Warrior Fully Armed with fretting only weopon the Acoustic AX! I play Classical and Celtic instrumentals with passion an
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The wonderful sound of bright strings shines through this one.
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The Guitar gives us an unending array of sounds that gives us new life and meaning in the abundance of sounds.
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No Mans Blues I wrote and played on my trusty Takamine acoustic for this feel, An acoustic instrumental with ad liberal movements.
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Acoustic Instrumental
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A little Ditty I wrote while enjoying the Country air.
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Acoustic instrumental
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Remarkable tune and love the textures in this and the build up, wonderfully played and well written Jude, on this I put my Nylon Classical and Takamine acoustic in parts to let the essence of the spirit of music be free.
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This is a wonderful piece Jude has written, lovely touches and build up of the strings , a fine layered tune well composed nicely done. It was just so inviting to put my guitar on it. Very nice Jude
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Find your Musical place, let the music begin.
Peak in sub-genre #7
anwyl means Listen... This is a tune I wrote experimenting in the studio of sounds and textures to create my vision in producing sounds to compliment the guitar, I hope you like it your Comments are most welcomed. Thank you TC
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Carpathian feel to this one , I love the textures of this music from old, it has character and mordent phrasing that I love about the Musical manuscripts. This piece I wrote on my tour of Czech Republic on a journey that was very Bohemian. A Classica
Peak position #58
The Call is made await the Battle commences.
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A little folk tune I wrote for the wonderful instrument the guitar. The Connection of Folk music and Celtic, gives us an array of wonderful textures and colors in this ever growing spectrum.
Peak in sub-genre #14 2 2
Celtic guitar with a bright display of melodic phrasings and harmony, makes you want to dance.
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