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Jazz Westbrook, CT  USA
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Peak in sub-genre #2
This is a neat little song I've been working all day. Although the genre says Jungle, it's more of a happy, uplifting song, than something more aggresive. The melody is also very beautiful and memorable.
Peak in sub-genre #25
This song represents my interpretation of waves. It starts out feeling happy and joyful, because people love riding the waves. Soon the waves start to build up more, and become huge. A storm approaches, and the waves become disatrous and dangerous. A
Peak in sub-genre #3
This is a happy/hardcore song I was messing with for the last couple of days. The production value probably isn't my best, but I can agree it's one of my most catchiest and bounciest of all my songs. The song is also heavily influenced with japane
Peak in sub-genre #15
Field of Snow is a beautiful trance song that focuses highly on the Piano. Try to visualize the feelings I incorporated into the song. First the song begins quiet, very calm. Suddenly, the snow becomes more violent, almost like a snow storm. Soon the
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