Blissful Agony
Alternative Moosonee, Canada soon to
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Crack smokin', chicken chokin', window broken, you're f***in' jokin' thrash, death, speed, punk, folk, country, funk, goth, bullshit jazz, hard rock and metal.
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Peak position #68 7 9
Cover of Band Aid Solution's One Horse Town
Peak position #18 6 5
Rant about people getting over their almighty tudes and just listening to what is being said.
Peak position #35 2 2
Short pop-punk ditty
Peak position #23 3 1
New sh***.
Peak position #98 11 12
Sounds like the Cult- started off with the drums- the riffs just sorta appeared out of nowhere. However, Ian Astbury I ain't!
Peak position #53 2 3
Kind of the 'retarded and red-headed step-child' of my tunes-stupid song with crap lyrics- no redeeming qualities at all- you'll enjoy this one!
Peak position #42 5 4
Yeah man, groovy.
Peak position #48 1 2
A song describing what goes on in my head a lot of the time. Constant noise, confusion and a lack of clarity.
Peak position #11 3 2
Collaboration between Mike Murphy and Clem Gareau who wrote the lyrics.
Peak in sub-genre #5 1 3
People are generally sheep- yeah I know, you've heard it all before. I'm talking about having virtually no contact with your fellow man to allow original thought to ferment and thrive. Laughable, but what the f***, eh?
Peak position #62 2 3
Rant against current trends in popular music- how original!
Peak position #90 2 2
A case of mistaken identity or an extreme instance of beer goggles. In these modern times, you gotta pay attention. A guy mistakes a he for a she.
Peak position #86 2 1
Just a jam
Peak position #85 1 1
A song about my feelings regarding Bush's America.
Peak position #21 1 2
Have you ever felt miniscule and insignificant and mired in futility?
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