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#71 (Sub-genre)
Melancholy rock song.
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Remixed & remastered the original version, now with 100% more Metal Foundry! I feel I got this mix right and this is probably the song of which I'm most proud. Enjoy!
Peak position #4
Dark, brooding, and sinister. Guitars are with LePou's LeGion amp sim. About the exact opposite mood of the last song...
Peak position #4
Uplifting prog-pop song in G. Re-recorded one of my favorite compositions since the first did it no justice. Begging for vox, to be completed one day!
Peak position #4 1
It's about time I wrote a more vigorous song.
Peak in sub-genre #1
I covered Bear McCreary's cover of this classic tune. I really like the direction he took it, so I took it even further!
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Warning: extreme geek content! Note and rhythm patterns are based on the Thue-Morse Sequence!
Peak position #1 4
This song is officially "cool" according to my mom.
Peak position #4
Finished a few ideas I had laying around with one song.
Peak position #1 2
Chuggy and dreamy at the same time. Incomplete as of now; a work in progress: guitar solo is a scratch track, and the end will probably take a new direction when I finish this.
Peak position #4 1
Decided to do something a little darker, heavier, and groovier. Drop A. A new mix with Metal Foundry is in the works. Stay tuned!
Peak position #45
My attempt at writing pop music. Frost*-styled pop music. I hope Jem Godfrey doesn't sue me.
Testing a new mix... new guitar tones, new drum settings, new bass, etc. UPDATE: This mix is now obsolete. Thank God. Perhaps I'll expand on the music later.
Peak position #28
Do not listen if you are epileptic. DEP and Bulb - inspired guitar madness. Incomplete as of now, until I bring my six-string to college or something.
Peak in sub-genre #32
Let this be proof that I do in fact have a warm and fuzzy side. I can't decide if this song is happy or sad. Another improv piece.
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