Johnny Asia Guitarist from the Future
World Phoenicia, NY  USA
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Johnny Asia hails from Woodstock, N.Y., so the cosmic energy may just be in the water. Whatever the source, Asia's transcendent, genre-spanning guitar journeys
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I found this on an old cassette I made during the late 1980's. I overdubbed the 2 parts.
Peak position #90
Live improvisation
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Live performance with Phoebe Legere on piano, and Joakim Lartey on drums, at New Vanguard in Kingston, NY
Peak position #20 3
Live performance with Jeff Armstrong
Peak position #25
Improvisation with Derrick Fludd the day after we met. We just turned on the 4 track and started playing without talking about what we were to play, what key, totally improvised.
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Solo electric guitar with digital delay
Peak in sub-genre #36
Acoustic jazzy blues with bass clarinet
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Excerpt from an improvisation at a Knitting Factory gig, with Gus Mancini on MIDI horn and Karl Raacke on bass
With Richard Carr, violin; Gus Mancini, MIDI horn & sax; Peter Fagiola. percussion
Peak in sub-genre #18
I start out my tune Sonaran Sun, Derrick Fludd joins in and plays the lead while I play rhythm. This is from a 1992 cassette recording.
Peak position #93
Improvisation with Derrick Fludd, 1992
Peak in sub-genre #15 1
Bluegrass with African drums played by Joakim Lartey
Peak position #88
Gus Mancini, alto sax; Karl Raacke, bass
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