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vintage, epic in genre of YES, Gabriel-era Genesis
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Peak in sub-genre #80
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written by Jeff Kalmar, recorded ( this version) by Joel Pirard my arrangement of a song he wrote which I always enjoyed, he wrote additional lyrics many years after the version ORION used to play live. Recorded with his permission
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Peak in sub-genre #33 1
4-track demo Jeff and I did around 1987 long after it was written, in order to introduce it to Avalon USA for eventual performance, this was among the first meetings Jeff and I had after renewing our association following Orion's breakup.
rocking fast, spacy, this song used to knock 'em dead when we played it live. I recently unearthed the studio demo of it. Will upload that one soon.
board mix live 1980, roger presented this to us one day in 1979, he and John arranged it, notable for the vibraphone lead part played by him.
Peak in sub-genre #40
board mix 1980, features Jeff on guitar, switching midpoint to violin... a great memory of this piece, anybody remember us at Walley's Bergenfield, on a snowy Friday night?
Peak in sub-genre #52
Live board mix 1980 recorded later on Seven Sources' ONE BIG SKY, this was a fun song with a great great bass line from John...
Peak in sub-genre #18
HEAVY, this one was featured in a radio program called Spotlight 107 on the old WRNW station and was a big crowd favorite. As I listen to these tracks again after so many years, I see again the faces, some gone forever, and really MISS those days...
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This is dedicated to Morgen Lindquist Pladers and her daughter. I don't really know them that well But her daughter is very sick, almost near death, I ask that all funding be given to her cause.
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