Electronic Altdorf, Germany
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Ambient, ambient music, soundscapes, healing music, relax, wellness, Inspirational, New Age, experimental electronica, music for movies
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Peak in sub-genre #84
Marrella Splendens is dedicated to the spirits of the oceans.
Peak in sub-genre #60 1
Flowing, immersive soundtrack, dedicated to the ocean worlds
Arpa Atlantis is a fluid, serene soundtrack. In the background you can hear the sound of a great Aeolian windharp.
Ambient music with tribal percussion elements
Peak in sub-genre #69
Pure ambient music, long evolving sounds, slow rhythm, no drums just ethereal sounds
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Deep Transit
01 Her smile lifts me gravity 2
Electronic - House
"Her smile lifts me gravity " Original mix This is one of 3 singles release for the next album. Progression in rhythm "
Instrumentals - Beats General
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