Bob Frazier
Rock San Diego, CA  USA
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rock, 70's and 80's style mostly, along with jazz, surf, and synth-based 'new age' or 'smooth jazz' music. But it's mostly rock.
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Peak position #76 2
Fast beat, sequenced monophonic synth bass and lead (with portamento!) with a Roland JX-3P plus GM to fill in the gaps. Inspired by Final Fantasy XIII-2 'Oerba' theme song 'Ruined Home Town' (aggressive version). This is the V3 Remix.
Peak position #85
Classic Rock, early 80's style, similar to Rush (think 'Moving Pictures' album)
Peak in sub-genre #91
A rant against the current occupant of the White House, Barack Hussein OBAKA! Also a tribute to the Beastie Boys
Peak position #86 1
Instrumental, Fusion Jazz (a bit funkier than Smooth Jazz) with heavy influence from JPop and various Jazz artists. MIDI and acoustic guitar, Roland synth.
Peak position #63 1
Instrumental, MIDI transfer, similar to Cusco. Re-mix version on 6/17/2011, added Roland keyboard.
Peak in sub-genre #14 1
Instrumental with analog and MIDI synth
Peak in sub-genre #59
80's New Wave style, keyboards, very 'robotic' sound. Inspired by an Atari game demo in 1985.
Peak in sub-genre #2 2
Surf rock, similar to The Ventures
Pink Floyd-ish style song about the evils of drugging children with mind controlling substances like Ritalin
acousting solo on 12 string
instrumental, similar sound to 'Rush'
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