The Big Dogs
Country West Palm Beach, FL  USA
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The Big Dogs have a blues based country/southern rock style, with cross over into adult contemporary and pop genres. Emotional vocals and driving twangy guitars
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Peak position #1 4 2
A twangy offering about a little girl innocently asking her dad not to drink and drive and he takes her words to heart.
Peak position #76 7 8
A kickass song about a showdown between an old west outlaw and lawman
#91 (Sub-genre) 11 6
An nuckle clenching song about the competative nature of a particular (NASCAR King) race driver
Peak in sub-genre #17 1 1
An edgy song that tells the story about a man whose woman leaves him and all he cares about is that she took the microwave.
Peak in sub-genre #17 4 4
A love song ballad
Peak position #21 9 9
A mid-tempo ballad about a man that doesn't stay in one place too long and his reflection of how the woman he just left will react when the sun rises and he is gone.
Peak in sub-genre #38 1
A upbeat song that describes thoughts of a girl he once new who was from Tennessee
#44 (Sub-genre) 2 3
She was not so innocent
Peak in sub-genre #24 1 2
A mid tempo ballad that looks at a man and woman respective thoughts as the meet for the first time. Both, leary of relationships, are try to get beyond their fears.
Peak in sub-genre #34
A soul searching ballad about a man regaining hope with help from someone who loves him
Peak position #49 1
An upbeat song about a man looking forward to relaxing on the weekend but his 'honey' has other plans for him.
Peak in sub-genre #35
A mid tempo ballad that about a man that asks for a good reason he should try and save their relationship after how onery she's been
Peak in sub-genre #16 3 3
A mid tempo ballad that focuses on the economic issues the average person is experiencing today. We've got jobs but we can barely afford to buy gas and we have so much debt it seems kike we can't get ahead.
Peak in sub-genre #52
A fun song about a guy waiting for a girl to want to be with him
Peak in sub-genre #28 1 1
A man's wish to see Mary after he finds out he may die.
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