Brutus Cooper
HipHop oakland, CA  USA
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brutus cooper
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Bay Area 510, Ghetto-Tech Thrash Rap, Hip Hop that shows the clock where the map's at. . .
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sh** happens. sometimes you lose some, other times you win some; yet other times you can neither lose nor win, just survive. hence the title, "stalemate."
from the locked box to the talk box; angry, hungry and ready to eat.
this is my official, blue-collar, f*** the man, smash capitalism track. i have been working on a newer, better-sounding version with a different beat, but i found this one in the vaults and figured i'd put it up for the hell of it.
Being On-Beat and Beat On: when you do not follow the same beat that everybody else is, is doesn't necessarily mean that you have to be the one that's off-beat; but, not even time will always tell the truth
birth is a sin and the punishment is death. return me to womb from which i was torn, i wish you had left me unborn.
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