The Juice To Make It Happen
HipHop Eugene, OR  USA
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Fun, uplifting, down tempo, up tempo, dramatic, easy, laid back, smooth, fresh, original, whatever you need!
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Peak position #91
Moderate-tempo inspirational love ballad. Male vocals.
Down-tempo R&B song about broken dreams. Female vocals.
Peak position #63
Down-tempo love ballad with both male and female vocals.
Peak in sub-genre #41
Down-tempo pop song about heartbreak.
Moderate-tempo hip-hop/pop song about dreaming of a better life.
Peak position #50
Down-tempo love ballad pop song. Slightly sad.
Peak position #22
Moderate-tempo modern classical with a hip-hop beat in the background.
Mid-tempo funky electronic pop.
Down-tempo pop love song with a light airy feel.
Up-tempo, upbeat smooth flowing funk/jazz
Down-tempo smooth flowing groove.
Up-Tempo smooth flowing funk/jazz.
Peak in sub-genre #58
Moderate-tempo uplifting song about life. Male vocals.
Peak position #38
Down-tempo modern classical song with a slightly eerie and dramatic feel.
Peak position #95
Down-tempo love ballad with male mixed vocals.
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