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ionbladez, South Florida re% I make a lot of video game style tracks, beats, and other cool sounds. It doesn't stop just there, though. You can cont
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Peak in sub-genre #4
fun stuff
Peak in sub-genre #6
Something that hits hard and softens up in the middle. Yep I'm totally going there.
Peak in sub-genre #10
Pretty cool what stock sounds can do when you tweak them enough, heh
Peak in sub-genre #15
The better mix of "New moment" - after I made that track it bothered me that the song was not open enough, things were not as vibrant as I hoped because I didn't get any sleep when I made the original.
Peak in sub-genre #44
This might be a banger, but I'm not sure :)
Peak in sub-genre #32
Too lo-fi to be worth anything, but too funky to be bad, probably.
Peak in sub-genre #23
Something pretty random - mixed trance elements with a lighter hardcore dance
Peak in sub-genre #33
Soft (minimal?) dance/techno/house. Whatever, you call the shots.
Peak in sub-genre #26
a random hardcore/psytrance mixup type track. I combined elements here without thinking about it. I hope I didn't do too bad.
Peak in sub-genre #8
Something fun I created live on stickam. Using the vengeance vocals pack here.
Peak in sub-genre #23
Random hardstyle mix I did for my buddy. Have fun!
Peak in sub-genre #3
3rd mix of my happy melody from 2007 :)
Peak in sub-genre #29
something minimal and progressive at the same time. reminds me of the stuff my dad would download years ago.
Peak in sub-genre #7
Since everyone thinks rate limiting and RM modulation is 'filthy', here's how it's done.
Peak in sub-genre #62
something awesome I spent 3 hours live on stickam to do.
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