Fear 2 Stop
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Fear 2 Stop(Billy)
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Bizarre experimental electronica.
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Work in progress...going to be adding additional vocals once lyrics are finished.
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Lower bitrate version off a track from our new album #GoTime. Would fit well in a role-playing game.
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Completed teaser from our upcoming double album #GoTime. Original demo still on this website, for now.
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Low bit-rate version of a song from our upcoming double album... original version recorded in 2002, and is still up on this site (for now).
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Short song recorded for an upcoming concept album. If it sounds like something off an 8-bit video game soundtrack, it's intentional (went for a sound similar to the NES game Metroid).
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This song was one of the very first songs I recorded, back in 1989 at the age of 11. Originally recorded in 2002, this was completely re-recorded on Christmas 2013. Kind of sounds like music for a PS1-era RPG...
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Recorded shortly after midnight on 25 December 2005.
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Brand new F2S song. Music by B.Castillo/D.Castillo, lyrics & vocal by B.Castillo
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Old 2002 song that needed to escape from the vaults...
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Teaser track for the new CD.
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Heavily inspired by the Beach Boys...would love to add vocals to this cut one day...
This one's a bit different for us...would be interesting to hear someone rap over this...
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