Homoerectus (AUS)
Rock MEREWETHER, Australia
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Progressive Rock & Blues for punters who like to dance
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Joe Stanely does great vocals. I play everything else.
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Joel Thompson on vocals with Jules and Sarah. Rob on drums. Joe on didgeridoo. I play bass, guitars and synth
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Steve Lewis does a great vocal track. I play everything else. Gibson SG and Gretsch Jet guitars used just like Angus & Malcolm Young :)
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Neil Young classic for a long lost love. Charlie Edmonds on vocals. I do everything else.
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Can't do a Setzer classic without a Gretsch guitar!! Mesa 5:50 amp. I also play bass & drums. Thanks to Joe Donald on vocals.
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Charlie Dempsey does great vocals. I play Gretsch Guitars, Fender Jazz Bass, Mesa Boogie amps & drums.
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Featuring Stu O'Connor's singing and my Gretsch Jet Firebird guitar and Mesa Boogie 5:50 amp. I also played bass & programmed Ezdrummer
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Angels cover. Great vocals by Troy Howard. I play everything else :)
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Great vocals from Rob Henson. I play everything else :)
Joe Wheeler on vocals and drums. I play guitars, bass, bongos and squeals :)
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Tony Azul does great vocals. I play everything else
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Chili Peppers classic. Amazing vocals done by Adam Brown. I played bass, 3 guitars & everything else.
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Dave Wilson on vocals. Stewy on harmonica. I play 3 guitars - slide, rhythm and finger pick - plus bass & drums too
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