Pop Troy, NY  USA
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An adult contemporary band, with influences derived from classic and progressive rock, pop, jazz, and even classical.
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Peak in sub-genre #13 1
Peak in sub-genre #12
Ever want to tell her how you feel, but find that you can't?
Peak in sub-genre #22
A long journey, a familiar face, and a long-ago bittersweet memory . . .
Peak in sub-genre #67
Wishing I could be with her . . . This song gained Honorable Mention recognition in the 1990 Billboard Song Contest.
Peak in sub-genre #19
A young man asks himself questions, and tries to be honest with his own feelings.
Peak in sub-genre #53
Play ball!!!
What does it take to win her heart?
Peak in sub-genre #27 1 1
A guy messes up a relationship, and looks for her forgiveness.
Peak position #56
'Cause everything I try and everything I do brings me one step closer to you . . .
Peak in sub-genre #38
Leaving someone is difficult . . . even if it isn't for good.
Life isn't easy. You need to deal with adversity at some point. And it never ends. What matters is how you deal with it.
Peak in sub-genre #32
What might have been . . .
Peak in sub-genre #31
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