Shannon Ross
Electronic spokane, WA  USA
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Shannon Ross makes Electronica, Techno and Lo-Fi songwriting
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Peak in sub-genre #86
This is an Orion file by Jeremy Moczygemba that he asked me to remix, so I just tweaked it with filtering, side chain compression & my own snare. I introduced him to Orion & he does his own thing, then expects me to fix it! Haha, J/K Jeremy.
Peak in sub-genre #92
Rainshadow, AKA Deanna or DreamTowne is a webmaster, artist, writer and longtime supporter/organizer of electronic music gatherings. She recorded these vocals in her home. It may be a work in progress.
Peak in sub-genre #46
An instrumental rock tune from Oct 2008
Kind of a carryover from my psychedelic electronic music and a concept song from 2000, & lyrics are from then. Most of synth including bassdrum in Alchemy. Arranged in Audiomulch. Sprinkler edited from a recording by BSUMUSICTECH on
Peak in sub-genre #65
A kind of old school techno tune using Orion Platinum and a Japanese vocalizer plug-in
Peak in sub-genre #3
2008 Includes recordings of bus interior, river park square ventilation system (& river?), clocktower (not real bells) recorded with headset mic.
Peak in sub-genre #24
This is an oldie from around 2001-2002 that I never recorded, inspired by my use of crystals and calcite in meditation. Easiest answer.
Based on a track I started working on around 2002. There is kind of a windshield wiper and car turn signal ambience at the end from recorded sounds and the sound of beat-spliced and stretched rain falling on several surfaces.
driven mainly by a really old version of orion and my nearly ancient esq-1 synthesizer, self recorded percussion type stuff, and i think the bassdrum might actually be from a windows 3.1 drum synth called stomper
A different version of Rainfalls missing some of the lyrics but with an alternate ending.
Peak in sub-genre #80
808/909 type bassdrum and esq-1, and a couple of old vocal clips
There was an ex-priest woodworker in Elk who had chickens running around on his property. His family lived in a wood barn converted to a house. It was very surreal.
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