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OneMan OneBand RockCycle --------------------------------------------------------------- Un homme une groupe en expérimentant
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Peak position #87
See the future, lead and conquer our enemies.
Peak in sub-genre #27
Just a little morning jam
Peak in sub-genre #31
Fix It!
Peak position #97
My first Piano Ballad
Peak position #72
Peak in sub-genre #66
Wish I Hadn't
Peak in sub-genre #14
Dark lyrics and tragic notes
Peak position #82
Peak in sub-genre #53
Rock E Tuning
Peak in sub-genre #77
SpikeShip, sounds a little out there
Peak in sub-genre #16
70's Prog style
Peak position #39
Better known as Cougars
Peak position #50
No hockey today-Prog Rock jam instead
Peak position #97
Changed my guitar I played a little
Peak position #81
A simple melody that sounded celtic to me. I thought WTF, write something about our Irish heritage by St Patrick's day. Here it is
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