Eric Peter Schwartz
Acoustic Dekalb, IL  USA
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Quirky, funny, tragic, romantic, nostalgic - I'm never quite sure how to describe my brand of folky, acoustic music. I sites "everything I've ever listened to f
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Originally released on the album "It's A Sick World, Betty" by the comedy group I was in, Gag Reflex in 1998. This is still one of my most popular live numbers still. Just fun and goofy. I love love and I love cheese... in this song spot the cheese.
Peak in sub-genre #52
Demo from 2006.
Peak in sub-genre #52
(YouTube video) This is the audio from a YouTube video I did for this song in 2014.
(YouTube song) Another song I was working on my third album. There is a video for this song on my YouTube page.
Peak in sub-genre #35
(YouTube song) This was a demo I recorded in my basement in 1996 and then recut and remixed in 2001. I made YouTube video for it in 2014. Harder than most of my current stuff.
This is an old demo from around 2005. It was released briefly as an extra track on the download for the album TROUBADORK in 2013.
(Demo) This was a song I wrote around 1990 as part of the Barry Newton and the Plagues project. Around 2006 I resurrected it in this demo. It got played on the brief Schwartz Band tour in 2008.
(YouTube song) An old song written around 1992 with my old friend Michael Vertenten. Recorded this for a YouTube video in 2014.
Peak in sub-genre #40
This is a spoken word (with guitar) piece I was thinking about putting on my third album but dropped early on. I gave it away to folks who attend my streaming shows.
Peak in sub-genre #20
(from YouTube) An old song I recorded a YouTube video for. So many references to my year 1996.
Another song from 1998's "It's A Sick World, Betty" by my comedy group Gag Reflex. I still play this one live regularly. I speak only the truth, friends
Peak in sub-genre #74
An old Gag Reflex track. It was released only online and on home-burned sampler CDs we sold at shows. A ridiculous law in Aurora IL gives you 60 days to get your holiday decorations down or you get a fine. What would Muddy Waters say?
Another Gag Reflex song we released online and on a live show sampler CD. At one point we ran a contest for men to share their stories and I would turn it into a new verse. No takers. A song so honest... it burns...
Peak in sub-genre #99
(Unreleased demo) Recorded around 1997 and then remixed in 2001. Playing around with a lot of keyboards and production stuff. Very different from my current music.
Peak in sub-genre #89
A funny lover's lament from the Gag Reflex album 'House Blend'. Recorded at THE HOUSE in Dekalb, IL in 2001. Released on CD in 2005.
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