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If you want to hear real music about Life and not all that bullshit come check out my hiphop music.
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Unmixed Version - Mastered Version Coming Soon...
Part 2 to TraGiC's infamous My Farewell Song
Tearing apart this joke of a rapper...
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For the Kids!
This is the last verse Point Game dropped that got released. This is a dead Language song featuring Gemad, Point Game (RIP), and BiG TraG. Enjoy!
Tragic on the first 2 verses, gemad on the 3rd. Sho-Down on the hook. Miss u brotha!
All 3 verses and hook written and recorded by TraGiC. Beat made by Mesta.
DL back at it. First verse - TraGiC, Second - Gemad, Beat by Sho-Down Productions, more to come! Keep checking back...
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A remix to the Superbowl Shuffle. Die hard Bear fans do apply!!! Geah!!!
Song order = Mental, Shorty B, TraGiC
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Featuring the late & Great, Point Game, Kollision, & Megan on the hook, Beat made and Song produced by Chris Stylez
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A collab with my Pal Wird of Pley.
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travis scott gunna type beat past time
Instrumentals - Trap
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