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#41 (Sub-genre)
More Than Me: Through various incidents in ones life, sometimes there is a sense that there must be something (or Someone) bigger than just themselves.
Peak position #56
Phil 4:11-13 for everything except the chorus comes from Phil 2. How to be content in this world no matter what the circumstances.
Peak position #51
To be redeemed - to be bought with a price - to be freed from slavery to sin - to receive mercy, forgiveness, and righteousness not ones own - these are life changing concepts and truths.
Peak position #30
In 2nd Corinthians 4:17-18, we are told that the struggles of this world, for the believer, are far exceeded by the glory of God. On God's scale, the weight of His glory that we now and will experience is so much more.
Peak position #28
Phil 3:14, Heb 12:2 It's about focus, and looking more forward and less backward. We can learn from the past, but we don't need to dwell there. The carrot knows.
Peak position #37
Matt 6:25-34
Peak position #95
All around the nativity - Gloria
Peak in sub-genre #17
Spiritual warfare: 2 Cor 10:3-4
Peak in sub-genre #16
Cast you cares upon Him.
Peak in sub-genre #19
Survey Your cross ... Like nailing ones sins to the cross in ones life, it effects change to become more like like what God intends for the believer.
Peak in sub-genre #28
This song was composed last year, with a title "BOL". I cannot recall what that that means. So, onward, Good News is a positive message. If one wants to contact me about performing this song or other ones: postadavis3 at yahoo dot com, where 'at'
Peak position #47
Good news, the message of the evangelist.
Peak position #67
The leviathon from Job 41: God usually shows creation, but rarely does He tell. And He gave Job a good talk about some fantastic creatures of His. At more one time God came down to our level. Isn't this boasting like an inventor, or engineer?
Peak in sub-genre #24
Praise for God's mercies, interspersed with examples of unmerciful attitudes that believers are being delivered from daily.
Peak position #56
Everyday there are reminders of God's mercy and grace, from God and among God's people.
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