Soprano Sister
Acoustic Etobicoke, ON, Canada
Thank you!
rock, folk, acoustic rock, the blues...let's just say I'm versatile...
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Peak in sub-genre #20
A song about allowing yourself to dream...produced by Karen Elstone
Peak in sub-genre #41
All instruments and production by Karen Elstone - remastered Aug. 4/15
original song
song about seeing the light...remastered Dec 7/14 - production by Karen Elstone
Peak in sub-genre #12
blues style song about the last straw...remastered June 9/15 - added percussion and bass tracks
Peak in sub-genre #70
Composition by Bill Conlon - lead vocals by Karen Elstone
Peak in sub-genre #51
original rock song
Peak in sub-genre #47
a light folky-rock song - remastered March 4/15 - additional guitars and bass by Mike Rafton
Peak in sub-genre #79
lyrics by Suzanne Holtom, vocals, guitar and synth by Karen Elstone Remastered Aug. 15, 2015
Peak in sub-genre #64
original rock composition - Karen Elstone on vocals and rhythm guitars, Bill Conlon on lead guitar, Michael Ratt on bass (remastered Sep. 4 2014).
Peak in sub-genre #53
I wrote the words and sing vocals, plus play backing acoustic rhythm. Bill Conlon wrote the music and plays lead guitar, drums and bass.
Peak in sub-genre #39
remastered rock song...doubled the acoustic and vocal track, added a chorus effect, bass track, and warm night, as I re-recorded the vocals, the rain came down hard.. Lead guitar by Bill Conlon and bass guitar by Michael Ratt.
Peak in sub-genre #71
a song about the trials and tribulations of online dating - remastered Oct 15/14
Peak in sub-genre #15
monologue (speaking only) from Oscar Wilde's play
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