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Peak in sub-genre #49
Psychedelic and Crunchy. Enjoy, G
Underground psy vibes. Nice flow, sounds, perc, drops. Enjoy!!! Opinions very wellcome message me on facebook ' Gareth G-Man Ludlow' Peace G
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Catchy, Psychedelic Filthy Electro! Very Nice sounds, perc and notage!
Peak in sub-genre #51
This is a special Psychedelic Break. Worked very hard on the sounds and composistion. Heard anything like it before?
Psychedlic mash up bizzness
Metaly Hecktic Gabbery stuff
Fast Upbeat Indian style Breakcore
Peak in sub-genre #94
Clasical with a pinch of chaos
A Dark merky Breakcore tune.
A psy dub on to electro experience. Juicy Bass, psy vibes and dubby bongo drums. Enjoy Much Love G-Man
Funky psychedelic electro. Enjoy! Much love, Gareth
A tribute to the best party in the world. Very Crispy! 3 Basses.
Peak in sub-genre #51
Enter a weird and wonderful Planet Factory! A very nice web of sounds woven in a tekish way. Enjoy! G-Man
This is a mashup breakcore tune. Juicy Drums, Kicks and bassline. Where are the ravers? Enjoy! G-Man
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