Alternative dayton, USA
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Showing the glitch and flutter that the Ibanez AD-99 is capable of.
Just showing Wah Mode with the expression pedal.
Using step bend mode, you can get a simple chorus and almost a vibrato. The Step Bend also gives a wide spectrum of intervals unlike most pitch shifters.
Peak position #42
A looped chord progression (via Headrush 2) while adjusting the octave levels and towards the end messing with the expression to show how it bends.
Using the Ocatve Bend Mode and an expression pedal. Including a Akai Headrush 2 for echo.
Peak in sub-genre #28
Showcasing the Gliss+Freeze mode. The First section is of complete wet sound, second using the higher octaves, and the third using the lower ones.
Showing the Filter mode of the EHX Hog
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