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free download - a silent instrumental-song
Peak position #6 9 13
its a smooth rocking guitarsong with a jazzy touch....
Peak position #4 10 13
its a jazzy guitar-style with a grooving bass....
Peak position #73 5 7
the drums are programming, a small keyboard and one lonely guitar....
Peak position #27 5 10
a song, so as living....instrumental
Peak position #37 5 8
a fast alternative, progressive rock-song....
Peak position #58 8 14
a fast guitar-rock-song with two melody-parts. the first part are wishes and will repeat two times, the second part are dreams and have more a solo-character (they are wild dreams)....the end and outro will be a mix of both.
Peak position #29 5 10
its a running melodie-guitar with a small keyboard background and without lyrics....feel like a whirlwind
Peak position #63 5 9
walk on....
Peak position #43 5 6
a lonely guitar without effects - a silent instrumental-song
Peak position #39 6 7
first i play the rhythm-guitar (fingerstyle), then the solo-guitar, without effects....the rhythm-part is a very old own song (ca.16 years old) and also the background for the little video-clip 'friend alfred bring nuts home....
Peak position #77 3 2
a melodious guitar-song with a small background. have spontaneous record this song, it need from the first idea to record 6 hours :-) - its the first version.
Peak position #17
a little jazz-guitar-song from 2010 - on the picture is a special creatur, called: "odinwaelder spinnmuck".... :-)
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