The cerulean factor
Blues Lawndale, CA  USA
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The Cerulean Factor
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Peak in sub-genre #31
A dreamy instrumental rock jam I laid out over a rock backing track. I'm playing my Black Tele thru my GNX4 on a Vai Legacy setting. Dig it ;-)
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Peak position #19
A blues improv over a Lawrence Fritt's BT.
Peak position #72
I did this Stones cover for a online Stones contest that never happened. I figured I'd post it up anyway. That's me on all Intsruments & Vox.
Peak position #25
Woke early Sunday Morning and had a couple of cups of java, and got inspired to whip out this uptempo jam over a Lawrence Fritts BT :)
Peak position #92
My cover of the Beatles classic. I'm playing my Tele & singing 2 a Midi drum and bass tracks.
Peak position #15
Just Jammin' on a Tuesday evening. I'm playing a tele thru the GNX4 on a Bad Cat amp model set 2 a Blues setting.
Peak position #27 1
This is my cover of John Lennon's song from the 1st Plastic Ono Band album
Peak position #8 2 1
Here's my cover of Rory Gallagher's "I Ain't No Saint"
Peak position #19
At home recovering from an illness and jammed this bt for a bit using my new Tele w/Barton clone pups
Peak position #27
This is my cover of Leadbelly's classic, I'm on the lead guitar, doing the fills, & vocals.
Peak position #14 1 1
Here's a improvisation that I did over a ZZ Top "Blue Jean Blues" BT, using the Washburn WI-26 and the GNX4 w/a Bad Cat amp model. Dig This :)
Peak position #38 2 2
Here's a jam I did along w/a "Total Guitar Magazine" backing track called "80's Ballad", a Dm (the saddest key) work out :) Hope ya Dig It ;)
Peak position #13
Letting loose after work on a blues BT w/my Washburn WI26 thru the GNX4
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